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    Quxi Xinjie Machinery Factory - Rolling Mill, Cold Drawing Machine, Inverted Drawing Machine
    Product list
    Wenzhou Quxi New Street Machinery Factory has been in the field of Metal Processing Machinery for decades since the year 1986. Our series wire-drawing machines and subsidiary equipment manufactured by our plant have sold well for more than 20 years in all the domestic provinces and in many countries or regions in Africa, Middle East and South-east Asia. Our products cover more than 20 series with more than 60 types of machines. Suchas Horizontal type, Vertical type,Water type Wire Drawing Machine; Wire Descaling Machine; Wire Straightening and cutting Machine;RebarCold Drawing Machine; Steel Rolling M.....[read more+]
    Contact us
    Terry Lin
    Add:Block 24,Houyu Industrial Area,Quxi,Ouhai,Wenzhou,China
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    Copyright Wenzhou Quxi Xinjie Machinery Factory
  • TEL:  FAX:0577-86261938  E-MAIL:terrylin0501@hotmail.com  
    ADDRESS:24 Huan, Houyu Industrial Zone, Quxi, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City
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